Kraljice Natalije 45, Belgrade, Serbia

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Sponzors and participating organisations of IS-MIGaIN project


Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia

This research is supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, GRANT No 1434

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia is a public organization that supports science and research. It was established in March 2019, with the aim of providing funding and creating an enabling environment for the continuous development of scientific and research activities in the Republic of Serbia, which are in turn the conditions necessary for the progress of a knowledge-based society.

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Institute of Social Sciences, Republic of Serbia

The Institute has six scientific research centres (Centre for Demographic Research, Centre for Politicological Research and Public Opinion, Centre for Economic Research, Centre for Legal Research, Centre for Sociological and Anthropological Research and Centre for Philosophy) and a staff of 46 doctoral degree holders.

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Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad

The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the two oldest faculties of the University of Novi Sad with a rich educational tradition founded in 1954, successfully spreading knowledge and promoting excellence in the field of social sciences and humanities for more than six decades. It has grown to become a recognizable HE institution in Europe offering more than 30 accredited study programmes at all three levels of study (BA, MA and PhD).

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Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia

The Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia (IAUS) was founded in 1954 within the Faculty of Architecture. It was established as an independent scientific research organization by the Decision of the Republic Executive Council No.N/303 of May 13, 1961. The institute’s scientific research and professional work take place within: The centre for Architecture and Housing; The centre for Spatial Development and the Environment; The centre for Information Technology, Publishing activities and Education.

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Faculty of Philosophy – University of Belgrade

Founded in 1838, is the oldest and most prominent institution of higher education in Serbia and among the oldest in the South-Eastern Europe.

Today it is a modern school in compliance with contemporary trends in European academic space and upholding a high standard of academic excellence. It employs 255 teaching staff and has approximately 6000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at nine departments: Department of Philosophy, Department of Classics, Department of History, Department of Art History, Department of Archeology, Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology and Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy.